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What did they say again? It's time for actors to mic up - The Times

The Outstanding Actor - 2nd Edition Review - West End Best Friend

Musical Theatre Review - Five Star Book Review

The Guardian Stage - How to Become an Outstanding Actor: Tips from Kenneth Rea Teacher to the Stars

Love London Love Culture - Interview for The Outstanding Actors: Seven Keys to Success

The Outstanding Actor: Seven Keys to Success - Theatre Weekly (Second Edition)

The Outstanding Actor: Seven Keys to Success - Fairy Powered Productions (Second Edition)

Ken's book launch in Italian - article.

Ken's book The Outstanding Actor - Seven Keys to Success has received considerable press coverage.

Do you want to be an Extraordinary Actor - Web article, Ateatro, January 2020.

How to have a twinkle in your eye - Web article, Bessie Carter, August 2019.

What Makes a Great Actor - The Stage, October 2018.

The Stage – The Best Actors Embrace DangerWeb article by Susan Elkin.

The Evening Standard – Drama teacher to the stars - Print article by Louise Jury.

The NZ Listener - Commanding Performances - Print article by Michelle Langstone.

The NZ Herald, Canvas magazine - Kiwi who made the stars shineWeb article by Alan Perrott.

The Sydney Morning Herald - The Outstanding ActorWeb article by Paola Totaro.

What's on Stage – Book launch with Damian Lewis and Hayley AtwellWeb article by Ben Hewis.

Shout Out UK – What makes an outstanding actor?Web article by Sarah Leigh.

NZ TV – Enthusiasm, the secret to acting successWeb article with video interview.

Westminster World - The mentor who trains Britain's best actorsWeb article and video report by Li Ying and Amie Filcher.

As well as writing his own articles on aspects of business communication and presentation, Ken often features in the work of other journalists as an expert in the field.

Leaders must act like they mean it - Ken Rea, Sunday Times, 10 October 2010

Present yourself like a stage star - Sally Jones, Sunday Times, 20 September 2009

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