Audition Tips for Drama School

Being an outstanding actor is one thing, but before you can do outstanding work, you’ve got to get the job in the first place. And that brings us to the dreaded question of auditions.

Statistically, as an actor you’ll be facing more rejections than acceptances. That’s very much the case in the profession and especially when it comes to getting into a good drama school. Let’s take drama schools first. Every year, around the world, thousands of people audition to get into a drama school or an actor-training programme.

In Britain, where I work,  10,000 people each year audition to get into a British drama school. Of that 10,000, maybe a few thousand will get through to the second round and of those, several hundred will get through to the third round. And of those … So, what does it take to succeed and get through to that last round, or indeed to win a place in the drama school of your choice?

INTRODUCTION - Succeeding in drama school auditions.

TRUST THE TEXT - Try emphasising the difference in each thought.

RELAX - Audition Tips for when you feel under pressure.

MAKE IT YOURS - What is one of the traits of all great actors.

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